Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Burned to a Crisp by Catherine Bruns. This is the third book in the Cookies and Chance Mystery series. I was lucky enough to win this book, so I decided to read it, even though I haven't read the first two.

Sally Muccio is thrilled that her wedding day is almost here, although with her mother's "help" it's not the quiet little wedding she had hoped for. Still, she's finally marrying her true love, a love she thought she had lost. Not only that, her bakery is doing well. Yet, her elderly neighbor's not so subtle disapproval along with ominous fortune cookies fill her with apprehension. When her sister leaves the engagement party early with a mob connected client, Sal's nervousness deepens. But nothing could prepare her for the call during the night. Her bakery is engulfed in flames, the client's body is found dead inside, and her sister is missing!