Sunday, August 12, 2018

Murder, She Reported - Review


The First Murder, She Reported Mystery

It's Manhattan in 1938 and Elizabeth Adams believes there's more to life than hosting parties and looking for a "suitable" husband. While her parents are aghast, Elizabeth is happy to be working at a newspaper, although being a Girl Friday isn't exactly what she had in mind. But her time in the Wellesley photography club pays off when Elizabeth fills in as a photographer for veteran reporter Ralph Kaminsky. Their trip cover to a high society debut turns into a crime story when the "It" girl finds her stepmother shot to death in the ladies room. As Elizabeth and Kaminsky pursue the story will they scoop the news, or will Elizabeth face social ruin...or worse?

MURDER, SHE REPORTED shows the dichotomy of New York City in 1938.The effects of the stock market crash and the possibility of war color this world, imbuing it with a sense of gravitas. Yet there is still a sense of style and glamour. Its inhabitants struggling not only to make do, but to flourish. Elizabeth "Biz" Adams is the perfect protagonist straddling both worlds, that of the haves and the have nots. She's a wealthy young woman who has drive and ambition and is open to new things is a world coming to terms with itself. Author, Peg Cochran skillfully brings Biz out of her comfort zone and we witness Biz's reactions as her world grows. The relationship between Biz and Kaminsky is wonderful, the veteran reporter and the new kid. And what a character Kaminsky is! His drive, street smarts, and fun idiosyncrasies make him a joy to read. And I'm not just saying that because he has a variation of my last name! He and Biz make a great duo.

I love the historical detail. The description of the Waldorf Hotel, the Chock full o'Nuts, and the various foods and fashion of the time really paint a picture in my mind and I feel as if I'm there. I'd love to try the Stork Club Cocktail!

MURDER, SHE REPORTED is a fantastic start to a new series. It opens a window to the past and creates a mystery that is timeless.