Friday, October 26, 2018

Killed on Blueberry Hill - A Review


The Third Berry Basket Mystery

The heat is on, literally, as Oriole Point celebrates the Blueberry Blow Out Festival. Tempers are flaring as the summer temperatures increase. Marlee Jacob is aghast at her fiancé's behavior as the feud between Zeller Orchards and Blueberry Hill Farm turns violent. But Ryan's behavior toward Porter is just one warning sign, his behavior toward her is worrying as well. When Porter dies, everyone assumes that his death was due to his careless disregard to his diabetes. But was it actually murder? And could Ryan actually be guilty?

The third Berry Basket Mystery is a labyrinth filled with subtle clues scattered amid the red herrings and suspicious behavior of multiple suspects. Sharon Farrow proves to be a master at manipulating emotions, spiking my anger at the various behaviors of some of the characters and annoyance towards others. I wanted to smack quite a few of them. Natasha's return to the scene brought a breath of fresh air and some much needed comic relief from all of the drama. This vivacious "shark shooter" is a hoot. She's funny and over the top, yet with down to earth common sense and a heart of gold.

This character driven mystery has a theme of familial loyalty, love, and hate. How far will family, particularly mothers, go to protect their children? How much faith and trust should people have in the ones they love? And how long will it take for the scales to come off their eyes?

KILLED ON BLUEBERRY HILL is a fun read with plenty of emotional twists and turns as it reflects on family dynamics, love, and loyalty.

Recipes included.

KILLED ON BLUEBERRY HILL will be released Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

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