Sunday, October 21, 2018

Yeast of Eden - A Review


YEAST OF EDEN by Sarah Fox
The Fourth Pancake House Mystery

Christmas is coming to Wildwood Cove and The Flip Side is ready for the holidays with new seasonal treats such as Candy Cane Pancakes and Gingerbread Crepes. Unfortunately, Santa isn't the only big man coming to town. Wally Fowler has returned after inheriting a fortune. Now's he's declared himself the Waffle King and is opening up Waffle Kingdom in direct competition to Marley's pancake house. With his brazen tactics and old history, not many people are pleased at his return so when Wally winds up murdered, there are plenty of suspects. But when the sheriff starts to concentrate on Marley's chef, Ivan, and her best friend, Lisa, Marley knows she's going to start investigating on her own!

I'm so happy to be back in Wildwood Cove. Vivid descriptions actually gave me chills, from the gusty winds to the dangerous characters. The penultimate encounter with the murderer was an action packed surprise which led to my pulse pounding, spine tingling, and rapid page turning.

YEAST OF EDEN is a book of dichotomy and Sarah Fox illustrates this with aplomb. From the warm, cozy, and cheerful Flip Side with its fireplace and handmade decorations to the clinical, yet still gaudy Waffle Kingdom. The book also showcases relationships, from the solidifying romance of Marley and Brett to the just starting romance between Ivan and Lisa, and the various relationships between the suspects. There's a lot of meaningful growth developing, which adds yet another layer to the story.

I love the characters here and am laughing at how Sienna is becoming Marley's co-sleuth, making Marley realize how Brett and others feel when she snoops! I always love reading more about Ivan and loved his part in this story, although I'm not sure how I feel about his budding romance. 

YEAST OF EDEN is a delightful addition to the Pancake House Mystery series. The mystery is compelling, but there's more to the book that this well plotted mystery. The story also warms your heart and makes you hungry for some of Ivan's delicious creations!