Friday, November 2, 2018

Murder on Millionaires' Row - A Review


By Erin Lindsey

In Gilded Age Manhattan Rose Gallagher is a clever girl with a good head on her shoulders. Working as a maid on Fifth Avenue, she doesn't forget her roots in the rough neighborhood of Five Points. When her boss goes missing, a boss whom she deeply admires, she knows she can't trust the police to pursue the matter. Despite being warned, Rose takes matters into her own hands and begins to investigate. What she discovers is more than she ever bargained for. A whole new world of ghosts, portals, and luck has opened up and Rose Gallagher's life is forever changed.

MURDER ON MILLIONAIRES' ROW starts as a normal historical mystery, but quickly develops into an exciting paranormal adventure. I love the historical nature of the story, the author providing well researched details of life in the late 1800s. I grinned at the mention of the American Society for Psychical Research as well as its British counterpart having read several of their journals!

The depth of characterization here is wonderful, each person unique, with their own story embedded within the mystery itself. Rose is much more than just a love struck girl with gumption. She's loyal with a good mind and a courageous soul. Subtle nuanced behavior gives readers a glimpse into the minds and motivations of all the characters making me want to learn more about all them. Not so subtle behavior as well adds spice as well - I can picture Clara with her frying pan! Each person is developed to the extent that almost all could star in their own novel! And I'd want to read them all! I want to know more about Mrs. Meyer. I'd love to know how Mrs. Weber and Mr. Smith discovered their abilities. There's so much more to The Dragon and The Bloodhound. I'd love to explore Wang's grocery and find the perfect tea for me.

MURDER ON MILLIONAIRES' ROW is a fantastic debut mystery. A multitude of nuanced characters, life and death situations, and a fascinating storyline create a thrilling mystery that captivated me from start to finish!

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