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Maizie Albright’s Very Bad Week - A Guest Post & Giveaway

I'm pleased to welcome Maizie Albright to Cozy Up With Kathy today. You can find Maizie on the pages of the Maizie Albright Star Detective Mystery series by Larissa Reinhart. NC-17 is the third book in the series is being released today!

Maizie Albright’s Very Bad Week
by Larissa Reinhart 

A terrible thing happened during our surveillance of crazy Roger Price.

First of all, "who’s us,” you might ask? I’m Maizie Albright. You might know me from the hit teen show a few years back, Julia Pinkerton, Teen Detective. Or even farther back, Kung Fu Kate. Or more recently, All Is Albright, although I don’t like to admit that one much. And you probably heard about my little legal slip-up that sent me from Hollywood back to Black Pine, Georgia, where I’m living at Daddy’s and had to start a new career. It was all over E! News. And TMZ People. The National Enquirer. Unfortunately.

But here’s to new beginnings, because after Julia Pinkerton, Teen Detective, I’d wanted to become a private investigator. Which led me to Nash Security Solutions. And convincing Wyatt Nash to mentor me. Which he did. Eventually.

Wyatt Nash is not only my mentor and boss (although I’m barely making minimum wage), but he’s also my dream guy. He’s chivalrous, kind, courageous, intelligent, and has Paul Newman-blue eyes. I’d love to be his dream girl, but he’s battling with his ex-wife Jolene Sweeney, who owns half of Nash Security Solutions (and Sweeney Security Solutions because she’s a bit irrational when it comes to Nash). As my boss and mentor, he’d rather be the gentleman and wait until my two years of training are done, which is how long it takes in Georgia to get a PI license.

Unfortunately, on many counts.

Anyhoo, we were hired by Roger Price’s mother to tail her son, whom she thought was suddenly up to no good. Roger’s not really crazy. But he’s crazily creative. He’s into building robots. And models. And playing video games.

And it seems, making bombs.

Which he took into a bank during our surveillance.

And when Nash ran into the bank after him, the bank just … blew up. With Nash inside.

Which kicked off my very bad week.

The worst week of my life. Including the week I was arrested for being the girlfriend and suspected accomplice to my ex-fiancé, Oliver Fraser. Who has shown up in Black Pine, even though he’s supposed to be in prison. I blame Vicki, my ex-manager and still-mother, for that. But she’s half-crazy over planning her crazy wedding to Giulio. My other ex-fiancé. (Ratings. They’re both still on All Is Albright).

Not to mention, the business is failing. And with it my job. Three teenagers have just shown up, wanting to hire me to look for the twenty-five-year-old producer of their hit YouTube channel, Bigfoot Trackers. As popular as Bigfoot Trackers may be (and as rich as these kids are getting off the show), the police have already looked and find Chandler as much of a missing person as say…Bigfoot.

But these kids won’t take no for an answer. And neither will my probation officer, who’s tired of my excuses of bank bombs, crazy weddings, ex-fiancés, and missing Bigfoot trackers. As much as I want to spend the week trying to piece back my destroyed life, I’ve got to also meet my community service requirements.

However, all this craziness has done one thing. It helps me to not grieve too much over Nash’s condition. I’m all about silver linings. And I guess, looking for the person looking for Bigfoot.


NC-17 (Maizie Albright Star Detective) by Larissa Reinhart


About the Book

Cozy Mystery/Women's Detective Fiction  3rd in Series 
Past Perfect Press (December 4, 2018) 
Paperback, 370 pages 
As an ex-star of a hit teen detective show, Maizie Albright gets the youth demographic. Or so she thought. Now that she’s adulting, today’s kids make Maizie feel out of date. At least the youth she meets while doing community service at Black Pine’s exclusive healing resort, the Wellspring Center. When these teens aren’t vlogging their attempts to track down Big Foot, they’re trying to prove the Center is up to no good. Starting with the disappearance and possible murder of their not-as-young commander. A murder the police find as likely as Big Foot.
Maizie has her own suspicions about the new celebrity retreat. Particularly when she learns her ex-fiancé has been hired to run the Center. Kind of an issue when she thought Oliver was in prison. Kind of an issue when Nash, the man of her dreams, is out of commission.
Wait, not man of her dreams. Boss of her fantasies. Professionally speaking, of course.
While Maizie’s helping adolescent Youtubers detect a disappearance, she’s wrangling her mother’s wedding, assuaging an overzealous probation officer, and struggling to keep Nash Security Solutions solvent. Conspiracy theories collide with real-life catastrophes beginning with murder and possibly ending with Maizie’s life.

About the Author


Wall Street Journal bestselling and award-winning author, Larissa Reinhart writes humorous mysteries and romantic comedies including the critically acclaimed Maizie Albright Star Detective, Cherry Tucker Mystery, and Finley Goodhart Crime Caper series. Her works have been chosen as book club picks by Woman’s World Magazine and Hot Mystery Reviews. Larissa’s family and dog, Biscuit, had been living in Japan, but once again call Georgia home. See them on HGTV’s House Hunters International “Living for the Weekend in Nagoya” episode. Visit her website, LarissaReinhart.com, and join her newsletter for a free short story.  

Author Links: 

Website: http://larissareinhart.com/
Newsletter: http://smarturl.it/larissanewsletter  
Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLarissaReinhart/  
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/larissareinhartwriter  
Facebook fan/reader group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mysteryminions/  
Instagram: http://instagram.com/larissareinhart  
Amazon page: http://smarturl.it/LarissaReinhart
Bookbub page: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/larissa-reinhart  
Goodreads page: http://smarturl.it/LarissaGoodreads  

Purchase Links:
Kindle: http://smarturl.it/17Amazon
Nook: http://smarturl.it/17Nook
iBooks: http://smarturl.it/17iBooks
Other stores: books2read.com/NC17

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    1. Hey Kay! Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy 17. Maizie's got a lot going on in this one. :) And thanks for stopping in!

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