Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A Deadly Feast - A Review


A DEADLY FEAST by Lucy Burdette
The Ninth Key West Food Critic Mystery

Hayley Snow has a busy week ahead. Not only is Thursday Thanksgiving, but the following day is her wedding to Detective Nathan Bransford! She has one more article to write before she can concentrate on the holiday meal, the arrival of her family, and last minute wedding preparations. For her assignment Hayley joins a seafood tasting tour given by her friend, Analise. At the last stop the loud, somewhat pushy woman from the tour collapses, dying. Was it a tragic accident? Was someone trying to sabotage the tour? Or did someone want Audrey dead? Hayley is persuaded to talk to the grieving husband and ask questions at the restaurants on the tour. But will she be able to figure out what happened before her wedding bells chime?

While I don't eat seafood and don't care for the heat, I always love visiting Key West and spending time with Hayley Snow and her friends and family. This ninth adventure is extra special as it's the wedding book! After trials and tribulations, which continue here, Hayley and her detective are finally tying the knot. Featuring a wedding and Thanksgiving, this book has a focus on family. Not only  blood relatives either, as A DEADLY FEAST showcases blended families and friends that become family. It also looks at marriage, and some things that help to make it work. I love how integral, not only Miss Gloria, but Lorenzo is to Hayley's life and the plot!

I really enjoyed the mystery here. We're not even sure if there is a murder, but we know people are lying. Why? I relished the puzzle and really appreciated the solution, the reasons behind how things occurred.

A DEADLY FEAST is a fast paced book centered around family with plenty of culinary treats and a mystery to die for.