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Hems & Homicide - A Review & Giveaway


HEMS & HOMICIDE by Elizabeth Penney
The First Apron Shop Mystery

Iris Buckley's online store selling aprons and vintage linens has been a success. Now she's partnering with her grandma to open a brink and mortar store in Blueberry Cove, Maine. The two have their work cut out for them, for though their storefront has great bones, it's a bit decrepit. Still, they're not afraid of stained ceilings, creaky floors, and spiders. The skeleton in the basement, however, is another matter. Grammie believes the remains are those of her friend Star Moonshine, a young woman who disappeared in the early 1970s. News of the skeleton spreads quickly and Iris is soon receiving threats. Not one to back down she's determined to not only open her store, but discover just what happened to Star all those years ago.

The first Apron Shop Mystery introduces readers to Iris Buckley, a nice, somewhat klutzy and socially awkward woman with a penchant wearing for mid century modern clothing. She's also not afraid to stand up for herself and is willing to defend herself and her friends. Iris is surrounded by a cadre of good friends and her loving grandmother who make good compatriots in their first encounter with murder. Blueberry Cove, Maine, a small town on the rise, makes a charming setting and vivid descriptions make me want to visit.

I really like that the mystery starts with a cold case. The skeleton is easily identified, but no one knows her real name. I appreciate how Iris and her friends piece together the puzzle of who Star Moonshine really is with old memories, pictures, diaries, and research. And I love how that research led to a unique former commune with a Shakespearean theme and my favorite characters, Alfie, Trooper, and Bacon. I certainly hope we see more of them in future books!

With a multilayered plot and unique characters with flair HEMS & HOMICIDE makes a solid start to a new series.


Hems & Homicide (Apron Shop Series) by Elizabeth Penney

About Hems & Homicide


Cozy Mystery 1st in Series  
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (December 31, 2019)  
Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages
Welcome to the first in the Apron Shop mystery series by Elizabeth Penney, set in the quaint village of Blueberry Cove, Maine where an expert seamstress turned amateur sleuth is getting measured for murder. . .
Iris Buckley is sew ready for a change. After the death of her beloved grandfather, Iris decides to stay in her Maine hometown to help out her widowed grandmother, Anne—and bring her online hand-made apron designs to real-time retail life. Her and Anne’s shop, Ruffles & Bows, is set to include all the latest and vintage linen fashions, a studio for sewing groups and classes, and a friendly orange cat. The only thing that they were not planning to have on the property? A skeleton in the basement.
Anne recognizes the remains of an old friend, and when a second body shows up in the apron shop—this time their corrupt landlord, whom Anne had been feuding with for decades—she becomes a prime suspect. Now, it’s up to Iris to help clear her name. Enlisting the help of her old high-school crush Ian Stewart who, like certain fabrics, has only gotten better-looking with age and her plucky BFF Madison Morris, Iris must piece together an investigation to find out who the real killer is. . .and find a way to keep her brand-new business from being scrapped in the process.

About Elizabeth Penney

Elizabeth Penney is an author, entrepreneur, and local food advocate living in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In addition to writing full-time, she operates a small farm. Elements that often appear in her novels include vintage summer cottages, past/present mysteries, and the arts. She is represented by the fabulous Elizabeth Bewley at Sterling Lord Literistic.
Elizabeth's writing credits include over twenty mysteries, short stories, and hundreds of business articles. A former consultant and nonprofit executive, she holds a BS and an MBA. She's also written screenplays with her musician husband.
She loves walking in the woods, kayaking on quiet ponds, trying new recipes, and feeding family and friends.

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Twitter: @liz2penney  
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  1. I enjoy the relationships with grandmother's and their growing grandchildren. Widowed grandparents is touching to see paired up with a grandchild. I spent a great deal of time with my gran after losing grandfather. She had another 30 plus years of being active. I love the sewing group, aprons. My gran wore a ruffled apron every single time she did Anything in the kitchen. :-) best memory besides her pop pearl beads.
    The book and series sound fabulous. Plus YOU must have an animal. Love it.

  2. I love the interaction of a grandma and a grandchild I had a wonderful one with my grandma once she got me out of an abusive foster home. i was blessed to have her with me till she was over 100 so i feel we made many memories. I love the name of your book and would love to read and review on a few sites. peggy clayton

  3. I look forward to starting a new series. Although I do not sew, I really like the premise.