Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Judge Thee Not by Edith Maxwell. This book is the fifth in the Quaker Midwife Mystery series.

Over the years Rose Carroll has come across her fair share of prejudice. Not only is she a Quaker, she is a midwife who runs her own business in the 1880s. Rose is still surprised when Mayme Settle won't allow the postmistress to serve her. While Bertie's lifestyle is nontraditional, what does it have to do with buying some stamps? When one of Rose's clients tells her that Mrs. Settle is not only dead, but murdered, Rose can't help but wonder who killed her. Could it be her henpecked husband, who Rose saw give a look that could kill after she berated him in front of the Ladies Circle? Or perhaps her gardener who blames her for his daughter's death? There's also the banker who had a run in with the woman, and who may have killed before. It's certainly not her friend Bertie, who police consider a prime suspect. Rose is not about to let Bertie get railroaded merely because of her proclivities, so between caring for her pregnant clients and pondering her upcoming marriage, she decides to make some discrete inquiries. Will she be able to discern the truth, or will prejudice win the day?


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  2. Edith Maxwell writes a marvelous story
    this sounds like another wonderful story. Rose Carroll in a mystery looking for suspects. Thanks for this great review of Judge Thee Not.