Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Tea and Treachery by Vicki Delany. This book is the first in the Tea by the Sea Mystery series and was released yesterday.

Lily Roberts is living her dream by running her own tearoom, despite family telling her she's crazy to work with her grandmother, Rose. Rose certainly doesn't pull any punches and is furious with the developer who wants to turn the neighboring property into a hotel and resort center. When the man is found dead off the cliffs on Rose's property the local police zero in on Rose as a murderer. Egged on by her friend Bernie and Rose herself, Lily is pulled away from her tearoom and Rose's B&B in order to investigate who else could have wanted the developer silenced. She soon discovers shady business dealings as well as unexpected relationship issues. Will Lily find the real culprit or will she find herself in hot water?

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