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Wedding Bear Blues - A Review & Giveaway


The Fourth Shamelessly Adorable Teddy Bear Mystery

It's almost Valentine's Day and Silver Hollow is host to plenty of activities from a Chocolate Bear Bar to a wedding complete with Bridezilla! Sasha Silverman and her sister Maddie get to be bridesmaids and are eyewitness to crazy demands and outrageous behavior. The best man is more of a worst man and, as the bride-to-be feared, ruins her wedding by getting killed at the rehearsal dinner! The mother of the bride insists that Sasha can find the murderer so between creating new designs for the plush bears at her family's company, helping her family, and spending time with her boyfriend and dogs, Sasha finds herself in the midst of another murder investigation.  

A wedding filled with dysfunctional family members is the center of WEDDING BEAR BLUES. A bridezilla, a bratty child, and a dog who runs amok, along with more concerning issues, such as infidelity and domestic violence, color the mystery. Sasha would be better off staying away from the whole mess! In fact, with multiple subplots, Sasha spends a good part of the book dealing with things apart from the wedding and murder. While the subplots are interesting, they don't really add to the mystery at hand. In fact, one of them could easily have been developed into its own story!

I like Sasha and her whole family, especially as they pull together through good times and bad. The wedding party, apart from Sasha and her sister, are also close knit, but not necessarily in a good way. It's interesting to see the connections within that group, and how they unravel. Of course, my favorite characters are the animals, including the stuffed bears produced at the Silver Bear Shop.

With its shamelessly adorable teddy bears and a matrimonial murder WEDDING BEAR BLUES is a Valentine's Day treat.


 Wedding Bear Blues (A Teddy Bear Mystery) by Meg Macy

About Wedding Bear Blues


Wedding Bear Blues (A Teddy Bear Mystery)
Cozy Mystery 4th in Series
Publisher: Kensington (December 29, 2020)
Paperback: 336 pages

When a heartless killer ruins a Valentine's Day wedding, teddy bear shop manager Sasha Silverman vows to solve the crime . . .

At the Silver Bear Shop and Factory, Sasha will be selling plenty of bride and groom teddy bears come springtime. But this Valentine's Day weekend, she'd take any of those silent, stuffed couples over the real thing. Sasha and her sister Maddie are bridesmaids at Cissy Davidson’s upcoming wedding in Silver Hollow. Cissy is fuming over the worst choice of best man—the jerk who broke her sister Debbie's heart—and the groom-to-be won't budge in his decision. At the rehearsal dinner you could cut the tension with a wedding cake knife.

That is, until best man Dylan is found dead, impaled with an ice pick. Although jilted Debbie is the most likely suspect—the blood on her dress doesn't help her case—the bride begs Sasha to prove her sister's innocence. If anyone's going to walk down the aisle, Sasha will first need to find the cold-hearted killer who iced Dylan . . .

About Meg Macy

Award-winning mystery author Meg Macy lives in Southeast Michigan, close enough to Ann Arbor, Chelsea, and Dexter -- the setting of her "Shamelessly Adorable Teddy Bear" cozy mysteries for Kensington. She is also one-half of the writing team of D.E. Ireland for the Eliza Doolittle & Henry Higgins mysteries; two books, Wouldn't It Be Deadly and Get Me to the Grave On Time were Agatha Award finalists for Best Historical. Meg's first published book, Double Crossing, won the 2012 Best First Novel Spur Award from Western Writers of America. Meg loves reading historical and cozy mysteries, gardening, crafts, and watercolor painting.

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  1. thank you for your thoughts. I would like to read her books. I love teddy bears, maybe that has something to do with it.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

    1. Thank you so much! Who doesn't love a teddy?

  2. Replies
    1. Kensington's Art Dept. is fabulous! I've had such great covers for all my books.

  3. Love the cover and excerpt. Would love to read and review this book in print format as well as the other author's other books.
    Great review and interview.
    I look forward to learning more about the author and their books.
    I love teddy bears. They are so friendly, easy to talk to, and vent your frustrations to but best of all they don't talk back (well at least mine don't).
    I love the intrigue, mystery the book cover brings.
    Email written like that for privacy sake.
    Hope I Win

    1. Make sure you enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win!

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    1. Thank you, KATHY, for the wonderful review! And for hosting me today on the blog.

  5. Meg I am so happy that you are on tour with this book! I love this cover and you know that I love your books as I have been asking when is your new one coming out too many times. I hope you had a great holiday and Happy New Year Peggy Clayton ptclayton2

  6. Thank you, Peggy! Here's hoping 2021 is better than 2020!