Tuesday, February 2, 2021

A Rolling Scone Review


A ROLLING SCONE by Nancy Warren
The Third Great Witches Baking Show Mystery 

It's week three at The Great British Baking Contest and everyone and his brother is giving Poppy Wilkinson their recipe for the perfect scone. But Poppy has more than baking on her mind. She's finally making progress in finding more about her family when Eileen, from the gift shop, shows her some old photographs. But before she can learn more, the elderly woman dies. Although she was in her eighties and had heart issues, Poppy believes her death to be murder. Will she be able to solve the crime while investigating her link to Broomewode Hall all while baking well enough to remain in the competition?

As a huge fan of The Great British Bake Off I absolutely love this witchy tribute. I feel the anxiety from the bakers as well as their camaraderie and the delight in being given a behind the scenes look. And that just has to do with the contest portion of the book, there's also Poppy's ongoing search into her heritage, and the weekly mystery! Each aspect is handled deftly, with no one outweighing or outshining the others.

In this third Great Witches Baking Show Mystery we get more insight into Poppy's background as she gains greater access into Broomewode Hall. I like how an old photo leads Poppy closer to discovering more about her mother and new friendships bring her closer to her truth. The murder itself was unique and surprising as its full story unfolded. I love Poppy's ability to find clues and detect murder, but I hope she can get her head back in the game and bake better in the upcoming week.

A ROLLING SCONE is a delectable mystery with great characters, delicious food, and a dollop of murder.

Recipes included.

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