Friday, February 19, 2021

Mrs. Morris and the Sorceress - A Review


The Fourth Salem B&B Mystery 

It's Independence Day and Charlene Morris has a new group of guests. As part of their stay Charlene arranges for the group to see an outdoor production of Salem's Rebels, a new play by the local theatre group. Although the historical event being portrayed went off without a shot fired, that isn't the case in the play as the charismatic lead actress crumples to the ground, shot dead by a real gun. Who could have brazenly shot the young woman in broad daylight at a crowded event. And why? Charlene is once again compelled to investigate, but will she go too far this time?

The Salem B&B Mystery series combines history and a touch of the paranormal into a modern day, fun, and compelling mystery. In this fourth outing we see Charlene get to know more Salem residents and see her letting go and having fun. We also see her overstep her bounds; at least I saw that. I was put off by her reaction when she was called out on her behavior, but perhaps that's the former police officer in me.

I find the relationship triangle (not quite sure I'd call it a love triangle...yet) between Charlene, her ghostly friend Jack, and Detective Sam interesting. With thoughts of her dead husband, it's more like a love square. Each man brings something different and all are lacking. I love the added dimension that Jack brings and the new ways he's found to help Charlene. I'm uncertain where the relationship between Charlene and Sam is going...if anywhere, but hope the mystery trumps all of her relationship angst. I did enjoy the complexity this mystery provided and as well as witnessing the many sides to the various personalities involved.

MRS. MORRIS AND THE SORCERESS is an intriguing mystery filled with complex characters. I am always happy to visit Salem am looking forward to seeing what Charlene gets involved with next.

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