Friday, April 2, 2021

Murder at Wedgefield Manor - A Review


The Second Jane Wunderly Mystery

After their trip to Egypt Jane Wunderly and her Aunt Millie decide to spend some time in England, staying at Wedgefield Manor. Millie is getting reacquainted with her old friend, Lord Hughes, while Jane takes flying lessons, much to Millie's dismay. Yet it's an automobile that proves deadly when the estate's mechanic is killed in a crash. His death was no accident, however. With a household full of suspicious people, Jane, assisted once again by the mysterious Redvers, is involved in yet another murder.  

I absolutely loved MURDER AT WEDGEFIELD MANOR. The characters, the setting, and a perplexing mystery make this historical mystery a treat. I love Jane's zest for life, whether it be learning to fly or rushing headlong into another murder investigation. As for her relationship with Redvers...their understanding of each other, the uncertainty, and the desire just under the surface is compelling and addictive. I can't wait to watch their relationship unfold and see where it leads.

The second Jane Wunderly Mystery has the feel of a country house party with an interesting mix of people staying together in a posh isolated estate. The upperclass mingle more freely with the workers, a practice that is not to everyone's liking. Pretty much the entire household of Wedgefield Manor was acting suspiciously leaving me unsure of who to trust while I attempted to deduce who the murderer was as well as the motive. Yet I enjoyed having so many possibilities as much as it frustrated Jane.

Incorporating veterans from the Great War, a golf mad young woman, and a simmering romance just waiting to come to the boil MURDER AT WEDGEFIELD MANOR is a top notch mystery. I adore this series and can't wait to see where Jane winds up next!

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