Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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I just finished reading Blood, Sweat, and Tiers by Nancy Warren. This book is the fifth in the Great Witches Baking Show Mystery series.

More than baking is at stake when Poppy Wilkinson learns that the Earl of Frome may be shooting birds illegally, even taking aim at the hawk who seems to have a connection with her. Poppy is determined to protect the wildlife from the earl and his bully of a gamekeeper. She's not the only one as a group of birdwatchers descends upon the grounds, disrupting the competition as they march toward the hall. When Poppy finds their elderly leader shot dead by the gamekeeper's cottage she wonders if the earl was getting rid of, what to him, was just another nuisance. Despite the murder and all of the other distractions Broomewode Hall provides Poppy needs to focus on her baking or else her tiered cake will leave her in tears!

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