Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Currently Reading...

I recently finished reading Black Jade by Gloria Oliver. This book is the first in the Daiyu Wu Mystery series and was released last month. 

Daiyu Wu may have been born blind, but her other senses are razor sharp. When she detects the scent of burned garlic at her family's laundromat she quickly sends her companion, Jacques, to look for a green dress. Her innate curiosity and a keen intellect leads to not only discover this most unique murder weapon, but to undertake the search for its victim, much to Jacques' dismay. With overprotective parents and the racism inherent of 1930s Dallas, Texas, Dai, with the assistance of Jacques and her dog, Prince Razor, will nonetheless venture out to solve a mystery and bring a killer to justice while making friends, and perhaps an enemy or two, along the way.

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