Friday, July 9, 2021

Murder at Keyhaven Castle - A Review


The Third Stella and Lyndy Mystery

With her wedding to Viscount Lyndhurst mere days away Stella is blissfully happy and willing to overlook her father and mother-in-law dictating all of the preparations. Overjoyed when she sees her Aunt Rachel has accepted her invitation and traveled to England for the ceremony, Stella is also happily surprised to see her father's brother, though her father is furious. Her joy isn't to last, however, when tragedy strikes at a pre-wedding picnic. Does the murder have anything to do with the death of the man at the docks? With Lyndy to support her, Stella is determined to find justice, but will doing so cause her own death?

MURDER AT KEYHAVEN CASTLE is a story about conflicting emotions. It's about family, loyalty, and doing what you believe is best, despite the cost. It's about supporting others when they need it most, and perhaps even shifting your perspective.

I've enjoyed the Stella and Lyndy Mystery series from its inception and was thrilled that their wedding day is about to arrive in this third book in the series...or is it? Major surprises occurred impacting everything...but you'll get no spoilers from me. I'll merely say that friends and relatives aren't always what they seem, and neither are horses. I absolutely loved the horse angle here. Indeed, I loved practically everything about this book from the layered characters to the period detail.

MURDER AT KEYHAVEN CASTLE is a taut historical drama that combines anticipation, determination, and the search for justice. 

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