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The Yarn that Binds - A Review & Giveaway


THE YARN THAT BINDS by Rebecca McKinnon
The First Clear Creek Mystery 
After a call from her grandmother that something strange is going on travel vlogger Jemma Whitlock returns to the town where she spent most of the summers of her youth. Instead of a happy reunion Jemma returns to a crime scene. Her grandmother has been murdered in her own yarn shop. Could the too slick man from the shuttle have something to do with it? Or Mary's neighbor who's making snide comments from behind a too tall fence? Why kill Mary? Is Jemma's life in danger as well?

Jemma faces a lot of difficult choices in this, the first Clear Creek Mystery. With her grandmother's death she must decide if she wants to stay in Clear Creek or return to her vagabond life. Can she make a go of her grandmother's yearn shop and finally put down roots? Is she ready to develop friendships and perhaps turn one into something more?

The characters are what really make the book stand out. Jemma is headstrong, yet sometimes vulnerable, able to stand up for herself, yet knowing when to ask for and accept help. Brandon running away from Charlotte always made me chuckle, while the change Jemma found in Kitty made me concerned. Granny is a hoot and a half and I love Emmilene's expressions and good heart.

I liked how the mystery progressed. Though Jemma left most of the detecting to the police, she didn't mind nosing around a bit herself, aided by a few friends. Multiple suspects and an uncertain motive made for an entertaining puzzle. Although I had my suspicions, I wasn't certain who the murderer was until the very end.

A touch of humor, a dash of romance, and an intriguing mystery make THE YARN THAT BINDS a solid start to a charming new series.


 The Yarn That Binds (Clear Creek Mysteries) by Rebecca McKinnon

About The Yarn That Binds 

The Yarn That Binds (Clear Creek Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery 1st in Series
Setting - A small town in the Rocky Mountains
Independently Published (April 14, 2022)
Number of Pages: 258 Digital

A Rocky Mountain Yarn with Small Town Charm

Jemma hasn’t been to the tiny Rocky Mountain town of Clear Creek in years, but when her grandmother tells her something strange is going on, Jemma drops everything to return and help untangle the clues.

She arrives to flashing lights, a house full of police, and the news that her grandmother has been killed with her own yarn. After learning she inherits everything, Jemma is faced with the choice of casting on a new life by reopening her grandmother’s yarn shop, or returning to her live-out-of-a-suitcase life as a travel vlogger.

One thing’s for sure — she’s not leaving town until the mystery of her grandmother’s death has unraveled. But when the deputy in charge of the investigation ignores clues Jemma stumbles upon, she decides to do her own poking around. Because her grandmother was right — there is something strange happening in Clear Creek.

About Rebecca McKinnon

Rebecca McKinnon enjoys playing with her imaginary friends and introducing them to others through her writing. She dreams of living in the middle of nowhere but has been unable to find an acceptable location that wouldn’t require crossing an ocean.

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