Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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I just finished reading Devil's Kiss by Michelle Bennington. This book is the first in the Small Batch Mystery series and was released last month.

Divorced, broke, and living with her grandma, Rook Campbell's life is looking grim, especially as she just quit her job as an underappreciated, underpaid, untenured professor. Her best friend, Bryan, helps her land a job at Four Wild Horses Distillery, where he works as an accountant. Things are hectic on her first day on the job and there's an underlying sense of subterfuge as well as outright hostility. Something shady is definitely going on at Four Wild Horses. When Bryan is found dead Rook is certain it's murder and vows to discover who killed him. Things get increasingly dangerous for Rook who is desperate to keep her job. But will her decision to stay at the distillery and look for Bryan's murderer get her killed as well?

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