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The Case of the Cat Crazy Lady - A Guest Post & Giveaway

I'm pleased to welcome Brody Broom to Cozy Up With Kathy today. You can find Brody on the pages of The Case of the Cat Crazy Lady by Debbie De Louise. This book is the first in the Buttercup Bend Mystery series and was released last month.


Hi, there. It’s Brody Broom. I’m the brother of the deceased. I betcha ya thought Cathy, the main character of the book, would be speakin wit you today. Well, ya got me. I’d say ya lucked out. Let me explain. The sheriff he thinks I killed Maggie for her money, but I didn’t know she’d won so much in that stupid magazine contest. Even if I did, I wouldn’t hurt her. She hurt me plenty, but I don’t hold grudges.

Let me tell ya about myself and my unfunctional, I mean dysfunctional, family. My parents were alcoholics. They both died pretty young. Good riddance to em. I was sorta raised by my two sisters who both abused me. Maggie with putting me down for a good-fer-nothin and Gladys with her punches. I couldn’t wait to run away from that house when I was 15. I spent my growin up years doin drugs and robbin stuff. But I put that all behind me when I decided to go straight. I got some work cleanin toilets at jails and schools, but I always got myself fired. My fault. I kept playin hooky. No one wants to hire someone with no schoolin who don’t show up for work.

My biggest break came, believe it or not, when Maggie was murdered. That’s when I was called to Buttercup Bend to speak wit her lawyer about the will. Now, mind ya, I didn’t get much. In fact, I got less than Gladys. Most of the kit-n-kaboodle went to Cathy Carter and her pet cemetery and rescue place. I was glad ‘bout that in a way, but I thought I deserved more. So I showed up at the town square dance at the church wit my gun and threatened Maggie’s lawyer. They took me to jail, but I was released. My gun wasn’t loaded and was licensed, so my girlfriend bailed me out, but I broke up with her after that. She was ready to do drugs with me again, but I put my foot down. I wanted to make a new start.

Then fate stepped in when I spoke with Cathy about my family history, and she asked me what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Well, deep down I’ve always liked animals, so I told her I would love to be a vet like that guy, Graham, who helps out at her rescue place. Next thing ya know, she’s askin him to give me a position at the front desk of his vet place. He wasn’t too happy about hirin me, but I think he’s sweet on her, so he said he’d give me a trial run. That ain’t bad for somebody who is already fifty years old.

I can’t really tell you much more without revealin the story, so I hope you buy Debbie’s book. Then ya can find out if I’m guilty of killin my sister or anyone else.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give ya an excerpt from some of my scenes, though.

This one is from when I first come to the Buttercup Inn where I’m stayin while I meet with Maggie’s lawyer for the reading of her will. In this scene, the sheriff already has it out for me.

“Maggie always had a soft spot for kitties,” Brody added. “It bothered her when I was ten and stepped on her tabby’s tail. It was an accident, but she screamed at me. She even threatened to tell Mom about my pot stash. Not that she would care with her head in the bottle half the time. Don’t mean to speak ill of the dead. Ma died a few years later of serius, or whatever it’s called of the liver, and Pa a year later of the same thing. Maggie left home after that and took her kitties with her.” He gave a gap-toothed smile.

Leroy, hearing this, glared at Brody. “I hope you’re not still using drugs.”

Brody’s smile faded. “Nope. I’m clean, man. I swear.”

And here’s a scene where the nice lady, Sandra, the innkeeper, comes to my defense when that sheriff searches me:

Leroy and Brian exited their cruiser. She watched as they approached Brody’s car. “Get out with your hands up,” the Sheriff commanded.

She strained her ears to hear Brody’s reply but couldn’t. A moment later, he opened the car door and strode out, hands over his head. Just like the police dramas Gran liked to watch on TV, he was frisked against his car. Leroy tossed a pack of tissues to the ground and a few wrappers of gum. As they fell, she noted Brody’s pants were slipping, and she worried they might fall down around his knees. Only his loose belt kept that from happening.

“Just junk,” Leroy exclaimed. “Check that bag, though.”

Brian took the grocery bag that was on the passenger seat and showed Leroy the contents that included a case of unopened beer.

“What’s going on?” Brody asked. “You’ll find nothing illegal on me. I’m not drunk, and I wasn’t speeding.”

“After I released you from jail, I told you to stay at the inn until I gave you the go ahead to leave town.”

“I was only grocery shopping. Can’t a man buy himself some beer in peace? And what’s with the body check? I should press harassment charges against you.”

As Leroy and Brody argued, Sandra Barry opened the door and step out on the porch. She hurried down the stairs, her brown and gray streaked ponytail swinging. “Officers, Mr. Broom is a guest at my inn. He’s been nothing but respectful to me and the other guests.”

Well, there ya have it. I hope ya enjoyed this guest post and have decided to buy the book. I think I happen to be the best character in it. 


The Case of the Cat Crazy Lady: A Buttercup Bend Mystery by Debbie De Louise

About The Case of the Cat Crazy Lady

The Case of the Cat Crazy Lady: A Buttercup Bend Mystery
Cozy Mystery 1st in Series
Setting – Buttercup Bend, a fictional town in the Catskills, New York State
Next Chapter (May 15, 2022) Paperback: ‎ 298 pages

After Buttercup Bend’s “Cat Crazy Lady,” Maggie Broom, is smothered to death in her home, Cathy Carter is stunned to learn that the animal shelter and pet cemetery she co-owns with her brother Doug is the recipient of the bulk of Maggie’s estate.

When Maggie’s estranged brother and sister come to town and are upset with the terms of their sister’s will, Sheriff Leroy Miller is convinced one of them killed Maggie.

At a baby shower Cathy’s grandmother holds for Doug’s wife, one of the guests turns up dead, and Cathy and her reporter friend, Nancy Meyers, set out to solve the murders.

About Debbie De Louise

Debbie De Louise is an award-winning author and a reference librarian at a public library on Long Island. She is a member of Sisters-in-Crime, International Thriller Writers, the Long Island Authors Group, and the Cat Writers’ Association. Her novels include the five books and four stories of the Cobble Cove cozy mystery series, a comedy novella, When Jack Trumps Ace, a paranormal romance, Cloudy Rainbow, and the standalone mysteries; Reason to Die, Sea Scope, and Memory Makers. Debbie has also written a time-travel novel, Time's Relative, and a non-fiction cat book, Pet Posts: The Cat Chats, written from the points of view of four of her cats and has also published articles in online and print pet magazines including Her latest book, Meows and Purrs, is a poetry collection of cat poems that includes photos and notes about her cats.

Debbie’s stories and poetry appear in the Red Penguin Collections, What Lies Beyond, ‘Tis the Season, Stand Out, Volumes I and II, Until Dawn, Treat or Trick, and Pets on the Prowl. Her poems are also featured in the Nassau County Voices In Verse 2020 anthology and the 2020 and 2021 Bards Annual. She lives on Long Island with her husband, daughter, and two cats.

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