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An Eyre of Mystery - A Review


The First Literati Novel

When Gia accepted a position as a library archivist in North Carolina, she never realized just how involved the work would be. Without warning she finds herself thrust into the novel Jane Eyre. In fact, she has taken over the role of Jane. Not everything is as it should be, however. Characters are behaving differently and Mr. Rochester is in jail for the murder of his wife! With a brief message from her supervisor, Gia learns that she must solve Bertha's murder in order to put the book to rights, otherwise Jane Eyre will be lost forever-and so will Gia. 

Have you ever dreamed of inhabiting the books you read? I have and in the Literati series Gia gets her chance, however unexpected. The author takes concept of going into classics of literature one step further. Dark forces want to rid the world of these classics, the books themselves are changing, and it's up to a select few to save them. What a wonderful and exciting idea and it's realized beautifully.

Although a tad confusing at first, like Gia, readers are thrust into a new world with no explanation, things soon get sorted and the mission is revealed. I enjoyed the mystery, seeing the changes to the original, and seeing how modern day Gia as Jane tries to fix things. 

One of the things I liked best was witnessing the unpleasant commonplace realities of the past. The past isn't idyllic, even in the pages of a novel. Bad smells permeate the air, be it the waste from horses on the street or a person's breath! While we often read to escape reality, the best books encapsulate reality even in fantasy.

Mystery, a dash of romance, and an otherworldly threat make AN EYRE OF MYSTERY a great start to a unique new series.


 An Eyre of Mystery by G. Leeson

About An Eyre of Mystery

An Eyre of Mystery
Fantasy Portal/Mystery
Grace Abraham Publishing (July 12, 2022)
Print length: ‎ 177 pages

Classic literature is at risk of disappearing from the world…

When Gia accepts a job as a library archivist at a manor house in North Carolina, she has no idea what she’s in for. On day one, she finds herself outside her comfort zone when she accidentally travels through a magical portal to the world of Jane Eyre. She finds Edward Rochester imprisoned as he awaits his death sentence for killing his wife. But Gia has read the book, and she knows Edward is innocent of murder.

Soon, she realizes that there are sinister mystical forces working to rewrite the narrative, hoping to destroy the manuscript altogether. To restore order and reset the book to its original state, Gia must discover who actually killed Bertha Rochester and framed her husband for the crime.

But few of the people she meets are who they claim to be and they all have secrets...including Edward.

About G. Leeson


Gayle [G. Leeson, for this book] has taken a real leap of faith with An Eyre of Mystery and the world of Literatia. She decided to explore what would happen if a reader--or in this case, an archivist--actually got lost in a great book. But when she travels through the portal into the world Jane Eyre, she finds it to be a topsy-turvy mess. Edward Rochester is facing a death sentence, and Gia has been tasked with finding out who really killed his wife so that Edward can go free, the book will reset to its original form, and Gia may return home. If you'd like to get a sample of the book, please check out this extended sneak peek (first five chapters) at  

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