Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Rocky Road to Ruin - A Review


The First Ice Cream Shop Mystery 

Riley Rhodes has returned to her hometown of Penniman, Connecticut for the funeral of her friend Caroline’s mother. The funeral has barely finished when Carolyn and her brother Mike start butting heads. While Carolyn wants to keep the family farm and ice cream shop Mike is eager to sell it to developers, and sell it quick. On her morning jog the next day Riley follows a kitten only to find Mike's dead body. Now Riley will help Caroline run Udderly as she also tries to scoop up a killer!

THE ROCKY ROAD TO RUIN will have you craving quality ice cream as you devour every page. I absolutely loved this series debut. Likable characters, shifty characters, and characters you want to be guilty inhabit the charming town of Penniman. Descriptions of the surroundings and scrumptious ice cream flavors, along with recipes in the back of the book, add flavor and small town appeal.

The first Ice Cream Shop Mystery is intricately plotted with lots of surprises. Remember, appearances can be deceiving. Snippets of backstory were gradually added in, and like the seeds in the sunflower ice cream, made a huge difference. There's still a lot to learn and I look forward to uncovering more as the series progresses.

A unique storyline, engaging characters, charismatic cats, and mouth watering descriptions of ice cream make THE ROCKY ROAD TO RUIN a lip smacking good read. Grab a cone or a cup of frozen goodness and settle in for a fun mystery.

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