Sunday, November 5, 2023

Hexes and Hooligans - A Review


HEXES AND HOOLIGANS by Elizabeth Pantley
A Magical Mystery Book Club Novella 5.5

In their latest adventure the Magical Mystery Book club is transported to a college town inhabited by gnomes. The town is preparing for the Honeybee Moon Festival but tragically several students have been infected with a virus that has hideously disfigured them, at least by gnome standards of beauty. In the guise of visiting professors the book club gang will have to determine what caused the virus. Could it be a hex? Is someone trying to eliminate pageant contestants? The gang will have to work fast as the festival is fast approaching and more students are succumbing each day!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and inside beauty is just as important as physical appearance. That is the lesson found in HEXES AND HOOLIGANS, the fifth and a half Magical Mystery Book Club book. That and make sure you're certain before you start accusing people of things!

I enjoyed visiting a land inhabited by gnomes, something different than the usual paranormal excursion. It was also interesting to see how, though she enjoyed being seen by others, that benefit hampered Mollie's ability to investigate. 

HEXES AND HOOLIGANS is a novella that falls between books five and six of the Magical Mystery Book Club series, thus being book 5.5. As such it's a bit shorter. I like the shorter length every now and again, however, things weren't as flushed out as usual. I was left wondering about certain characters and their behaviors at the end. Still, I did enjoy the story.

While filled with fun and laughs there's a deeper message in HEXES AND HOOLIGANS. Sit back, return to school, celebrate with gnomes, and perhaps take something more with you when you're done.

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