Friday, January 26, 2024

Murder by Lamplight - A Review


MURDER BY LAMPLIGHT by Patrice McDonough
The First Dr. Julia Lewis Mystery
Though the cholera epidemic has slowed, the East End of London in 1866 remains a miasma of poverty, filth, and murder. When a body is found in a sewer Dr. Julia Lewis is called to the scene. Inspector Tennant would rather wash his hands of her, despite her thorough and professional report, but when another body is discovered with decided similarities, he has no choice but to call for her again. A serial killer is at work and is toying with the inspector. Will the unlikely duo of a posh detective and a female doctor be able to stop the killer or will the taunting continue...with one of them becoming a victim? 

I thoroughly enjoyed this gripping historical mystery. Detailed descriptions transported me to the gritty reality that was London's East End in 1866, thankful I was only imaging the horrific smells. Dr. Julia Lewis is a unique woman with modern day thinking and beliefs, yet she's not anachronistic. I admire her strength, but I love that we also see some weaknesses. What I most appreciate about her is her ability to banter with everyone, no matter their class. I enjoy the camaraderie between Inspector Tennant and his crew and their methodical pursuit of the killer.

The mystery is a suspense filled maze; a pursuit of a killer, but also the pursuit by the killer. Readers are given all of the clues, yet it is still shocking when the killer is unmasked. The first Dr. Julia Lewis Mystery depicts heinous crimes and grisly descriptions. It's a story of retribution, but also one of fortitude, hope, and growth.
Shocking murders in an atmospheric setting make MURDER BY LAMPLIGHT a historical mystery that will have you transfixed.

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