Friday, January 5, 2024

The Alchemist of Monsters & Mayhem - A Review


The Seventh Accidental Alchemist Mystery 

After a lot of life changing moments and hard work, Zoe Faust's boyfriend, Max, is ready to open his tea shop. But before the grand opening the shop is vandalized and teas Max made from plants he and his grandmother planted are stolen. Add to the shock, his father has arrived in town and admits it was he who destroyed the shop. In order to figure out what's going on, Zoe and Max visit members of a local tea club only to discover mysterious plants and a murder. Could those plants really be monsters come to life? And why would Andrew Liu destroy his son's dream? Zoe and Dorian will have to use their little grey cells to come to the truth.

Dorian is the best! I love how this little gargoyle wants so much to make a good impression when he finally gets to meet Max in person, and how when that meeting is dashed he does his best to help solve the mystery. I get a kick out the manner in which he gets Nicholas Flamel to help him, as well as his own attempt at a Gothic novel. I was most intrigued by the possibility of plant monsters. The atmosphere and ambiance certainly made it a distinct possibility, even a probability in my mind.

The curious relationships, between Dante and Carla and members of the Posh and Punk Rock Tea Club, Andrew Liu and his family, for example, infuse the mystery with a multitude of emotions. We are witness to both good and bad relationships and see what lengths people will go to for love.

A mysterious highly atmospheric setting, family secrets, and a nod to Gothic literature make THE ALCHEMIST OF MONSTERS & MAYHEM a captivating and truly unique read. I absolutely loved it and can't wait for more books in the series.

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