Friday, January 31, 2014

Stake and Eggs- Review - Catching Up With The Cackleberry Club

I posted a review of the latest Cackleberry Club Mystery earlier. Here's my review of the book previous to that. My favorite in the series so far!


Stake and Eggs by Laura Childs

Fourth in the Cackleberry Club Mystery Series

Stake and Eggs is the fourth book in the Cackleberry Club mystery series by Laura Childs. The first three books, while good, had a religious overtone with affirmations and group hugs that I found to be a bit much. This aspect was hardly apparent in Stake and Eggs and with it gone I really enjoyed the book.
Suzanne, Petra, and Toni are three women of a certain age who are partners in the Cackleberry Club-a cafe that specializes in egg dishes, a book store, and a knitting store, all in one location. It's a cold day in the Midwest and the women are waiting for the arrival of the new bank manager for a meeting. They hear the arrival of a snowmobile, then what sounds like another, then a crash. When Suzanne goes out to investigate she finds the body of the bank manager...dead! Needless to say, her investigating doesn't end there. Add an elusive runaway, a winter festival, and suspects aplenty, as well as yummy descriptions of food (with recipes included at the end of the book) and you have a captivating cozy mystery.

There’s a solid mystery here with some minor mysteries along the way. Who is that runaway, where has he gone, and, more importantly, what has he seen? The characters are more rounded, even Toni’s erstwhile overage delinquent husband. Instead of being annoying, Junior brings innovation and fun in the form of his car cooker.

Stake and Eggs is a great entry to a good series. This entry really captivated me and reignited my interest in the Cackleberry Club.

Recipes are included.


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  2. I enjoy all of Laura Childs' mystery series, but this does have a definite lead over the other two. I'm looking forward to this addition especially after reading your review. Many thanks. And with #5 Eggs in a Casket published January 7th, 2 more added to towering TBR stack! Mayneed to get bigger nightstand! ;)

    1. LOL, I commiserate with the need for a bigger nightstand! lol Did you see my review of Eggs in a Casket?

    2. Yes, have now. I follow you blog ny email so I saw this one today. Couldn't tfigue out how I missed reading it as it was published in 2012. I'm slipping! And thank you for numbers rather letters on the I'm not a robot thing. Much easier on iPad wit the auto correct.

    3. lol, now I'm confused-I published that review last Sunday...not in 2012! Just an FYI I always publish on Sundays and Wednesdays with some Fridays and Tuesdays! You can also follow me on Facebook:

    4. My apologies. Book published in November 2012 not your review.