Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day - Spotlight

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there-whether you kids are human or another species. I thought that on this Mother's Day I'd spotlight a book featuring a fact a book that my mother told me about. I adore the early books in this series, but admit that the books fall flat in the end. Still, this book, the second in the Jane Jeffry Mystery series, is brilliant fun and both my mom and I loved it!

A Farewell to Yarns by Jill Churchill
published in 1991

from the back cover:

Knit One, Kill, Two

Life's hectic enough for a housewife who must survive the politics of a church bazaar and finish the afghan from Hell-without having to entertain houseguests as well. So Jane Jeffry isn't exactly thrilled when her old aquaintance Phyllis Wagner arrives with her ill-mannered teenaged son. Phyllis' visit turns out to be a short one-and suburban tongues start wagging.

Who's the killer? Was it her estranged tycoon husband, her smarmy, resentful stepson, or Jane's nosy, evil-tempered neighbor? And who dumped a second corpse in the dumpster at the mall?

It's Detective Mel VanDyne's business to find out-but Jane is making it hers. VanDyne is a handsome cop, and even if he calls her help "damned dangerous meddling," Jane calls it "solving the case"...and a good bit more interesting than her knitting!

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