Friday, May 30, 2014

Review - All Things Murder


All Things Murder  by Jeanne Quigley
The First Veronica Walsh Mystery

For 32 years Veronica Walsh starred in the soap opera, Days and Nights, but when the show is cancelled she realizes roles are more difficult to come by for an almost 54 year old actress. She decides a change of scenery is what she needs, so Veronica moves back to her home town in the Adirondacks. The slower pace of her charming town soon proves dangerous.When her neighbor is murdered and Veronica finds the body, she decides to start sleuthing. She has the help of a childhood friend and now her former co-star, buy will these two male cohorts create more problems?

I don’t seem to run across many books that feature middle aged women. There are several starring senior citizens while the majority seem to feature 20 and 30 year olds. I’m pleased to say that All Things Murder fills this void, giving us Veronica Walsh, a woman of mature years who has had a lifetime of experience, but isn’t ready for retirement yet. The book also brings to light the sad truth in society when it comes to women of a certain age, but it does so with grace and humor. Neither does it hammer this state of affairs into readers’ heads. Instead, we have a funny, intelligent woman who, in searching for the next chapter in her life, finds comfort in her own mother and childhood home, the possibility of two suitors, and murder!

Jeanne Quigley deftly pens this mystery providing an enjoyable stay in the Adirondacks with a fun cast of characters.

Stay tuned-the winner of a copy of All Things Murder will be announced later today.

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