Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Currently Reading...

It's been a very busy week for me, with, sadly, little time for reading. Therefore, I'm still reading Scene of the Climb by Kate Dyer-Seeley. I am also thoroughly enjoying the story. The new journalist at an extreme sports magazine, Meg has padded the adventure experience part of her resume, and is soon forced to demonstrate her skills on a hike. No easy stroll through the park, the hike spirals downhill when a loud mouthed competitor winds up dead.

Although our protagonist, Meg, is quite young (a recent college graduate) I can still relate to her and enjoy learning more about her and her take on the murder investigation. I also love Gam and hope she takes an even larger role.

Adventure tips and scenic tour included.

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  1. Hope you can slow down a bit Kathy...relax & be able to read more too. Thanks for the intro to this book.
    Sandy in So. Cali