Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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I just started reading A Vision in Velvet by Juliet Blackwell. This book is the 6th in the Witchcraft Mystery series. I adore this series and am glad to be back at Aunt Cora's Closet with Lily and the gang. Lily happens to be a witch, a witch who specializes in fabric. She can read the fabric and sense the vibrations of the people who once wore the vintage clothes she finds. Although she's about to refuse to buy a truck of damaged clothes, she stops when a piece of clothing seems to call to her. The cloak, however, may prove to be more dangerous than it seems. Oscar (her familiar) knows something is wrong, but before he can stop her Lily puts the cloak on, and is awash in a nightmarish experience. In addition, someone connected with the cloak has been murdered-and I haven't even started chapter 3! I'm eager to see what else in store-and happily await reuniting with Sailor.

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