Sunday, July 6, 2014


I read a lot of books. I own a lot of books. Even though I have a library in my house, I still have books everywhere. My library is semi-organized, but I have more books than bookshelves, and then things get out of order. Books have specific places in other areas in my house as well: cookbooks in the sun room, animal books and science fiction in the living room, some culinary and animal mysteries in the dining room, and new age books in my bedroom. But books find themselves in other places as well-piled next to my bed, under the desk in my bedroom, around the computer, in the hall next to the library, even in the bathroom!

This disarray, combined with the sheer number of books leads to some doubt and confusion, as well as lost books. I won the second book in a certain series so I went out and bought the first one (I must read in order). Now I can't find either of them. I'm behind one book in another series. When the latest came out-I couldn't find the previous one that I know I have...somewhere. Then comes the wonderings. Have I read that book? How behind in the series am I? Have I read it, but don't own it? Or vice-versa?

I used to write all the books I've read in a notebook. Now I use Goodreads. However, I'm about to embark on a new system for the books I actually own. I'm going to start a new notebook and write the titles of books I own, along with their type (paperback, hardcover, ARC, or e-book) and whether or not it's autographed. I hope that by writing this down I'll refresh my memory of what books I own, those I still need to own, and hopefully where they are!

What do you think? Are you as unorganized as I? What system or systems do you use to organize and/or keep track of your books and/or books you've read?


  1. Organized? What's that? I'm so bad it isn't even funny. And yet, somehow, I manage to have only bought the same book twice a couple of times. I'm not sure how I do it.

  2. I keep mine is an excel database.

  3. I keep books by authors alphabetically but always run out of room. I also keep excel spreadsheet by authors that tell the titles, if book or Ebook or library, if I read it, if autographed etc.

  4. So disorganized, I just read this post. Glad I'm not the only one. I keep a small "fat" notebook & jot author/title down. I've be enlisting various websites (I.e. Goodreads) to track what I've bought $ read. But I'm behind on that, too. Right now I have 1 nightstand as TBR and other one is "have read". Would love to get to a place similar to Pamela's or I'm going to have to get larger nightstands!