Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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I actually just finished reading Death of an English Muffin by Victoria Hamilton. This book is the third in the Merry Muffin Mystery series and was released in July.

Looking to try to refurbish Wynter Castle in order to make it ready to sell, Merry Wynter decides to rent rooms to Pish's aunt and a few of her rich elderly friends from NYC. She doesn't count on these harmless little old ladies actually being a viper's den of women with secrets to kill for! "The Legion of Horrible Ladies", as they come to be known, includes one Cleta Sanson, the nastiest of the bunch, who goes out of her way to insult and criticize, not only the people at the castle, (friends and the castle itself included), but townsfolk and the town as well! Yet when her niece swarms the castle walls (well, barges in) Cleta actually appears fearful and swears the woman is trying to kill her! Cleta winds up dead-but who killed her? Everyone had a motive! Merry is determined to find out and remove the killer from her home.

Recipes included.

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