Friday, September 18, 2015

Review - Move Your Blooming Corpse


Move Your Blooming Corpse By D.E. Ireland
The Second Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins Mystery

Move your Blooming Corpse by D.E. Ireland is the second book in the Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins Mystery series and is an absolute delight! Horse racing and the wonderful characters created by George Bernard Shaw combine to make another compelling mystery. Events have not settled since the literary duo solved a murder in Wouldn't it be Deadly. Eliza and Henry have been attending horse races since Eliza's father became part of a syndicate which owns a winning thoroughbred. They've been witnessing not only wins, but demonstrations from Suffragettes. When one of the members of the syndicate is found murdered it's thought the work of a jealous husband or a Suffragette supporter. Then another member is killed. Still the ramifications of an affair gone bad? Or is someone trying to kill all the members of the group for another purpose entirely? Although Eliza is determined not to become involved in another murder investigation, Higgins can't help but feel guilty and desire to help. When Eliza's dad becomes a target, however, Eliza gets right in the thick of things!

They're back! As excited as I was to see Eliza Doolittle and the gang resurrected in Wouldn't it be Deadly, I was even more thrilled to see their return in Move your Blooming Corpse. I love horse racing and that is the setting for this second novel in the Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins Mystery series. Vivid descriptions transport me back in time. Rich in detail and historic fact (I never knew the Suffragettes has their own colors) the book has excitement, drama, and a finely tuned mystery. Characters I think I know well continue to evolve and I enjoy learning more about them and their relationships, past, present, with possibilities for the future! I especially enjoy it when they surprise me, which they sometimes do!

Move your Blooming Corpse is a fast paced historical mystery filled with fun and excitement. Expect to laugh, expect to learn, and expect to be challenged. The mystery is complex with numerous twists and turns. Eliza and the Professor are right at home in their new world of the cozy mystery and I look forward to reading more of their new adventures!

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