Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Perish in the Palm by Keri Lee Townsend. This book is the 4th Sunny Meadows (Fortune Teller) Mystery series and was released July 9th.

I'm glad to see that Sunny Meadows is back. Sunny is a fortune teller in Divinity, New York. She lives in an old Victorian with Morty (a more than mysterious cat), her Grandma Gert, and now her boyfriend Mitch (who still sometimes morphs into Detective Grumpy Pants). Sunny is pleased to me maid of honor at her friend Jo's wedding, even though her mother is horning in. When her mom takes one to many verbal jousts at the owner of the reception site, Sunny steps in with some entertainment in order to distract everyone. She reads Peirce's  palm, but sees some disconcerting images...and treasure. When a storm hits and the lights go out, everyone is shocked-especially when Sunny's mom is found standing over the dead body of Peirce's , knife in hand. Was it Peirce's financial activities that caused his death, or was someone just out to ruin a wedding? Whatever the case, Sunny is determined to prove her mother innocent!

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