Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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I'm currently reading Christmas in the Duke's Arms. I was lucky enough to win this anthology from from Theresa Romain. I've finished "A Knight Before Christmas" by Grace Burrows and am in the midst of "In the Duke's Arms" by Carolyn Jewel. I still have "Licensed to Wed by Miranda Neville and "The Spy Beneath the Mistletoe" by Shana Galen to enjoy. While I primarily read mysteries, I read other genres too and enjoy a good historical romance...especially Christmas themed ones!

"A Knight Before Christmas" is the story of a widow who seeks the aid of her solicitor. Penelope needs to remarry before the new year or lose the majority of her estate. She'd like nothing more than to marry said solicitor, who feels much the same. The problem is he may already be engaged! A scheme involving a large rabbit is hatched to sort matters out!

We meet a duke who prefers solitude and enjoys his reputation in "In the Duke's Arms"who would like to change the poor impression he's made to a certain woman.Miss Clay is a woman on her own who believes the duke is just being attentive as he plans to wed her cousin. The duke, however, has other plans.

Are you enjoying Christmas themed books at this time of year?

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