Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review & Giveaway - Murder Fir Christmas


Murder Fir Christmas by Joyce and Jim Lavene
The First Christmas Tree Valley Mystery

Murder Fir Christmas opens with Federal Wildlife Agent Bonnie Tuttle returning to her home town to take over for the retiring agent just before Christmas. While the people are friendly, perhaps overly so, Bonnie is faced with more than she anticipated-a call out to a fire, requiring the rescue of wildlife, and facing two murders at the scene, including that of the man she's replacing. Add a mysterious old man with a huge stag, and a hint of the supernatural and I'm already hooked. And I didn't even mention the young wolf or the good looking guy!

Joyce Lavene died suddenly before the completion of this novel, but you would not know it. The words flow seamlessly as Jim was able to complete this most wonderful book. Joyce may be gone from this world, but she lives on in their work and I think she may have helped from beyond to finish this book!

The Christmas Tree Valley Mystery series is actually a spin-off of the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery series by J.J. Cook (one of the Lavene's pen names). While you don't need to have read the parent series to appreciate this new one, those who are familiar with the first series will have greater understanding, for not only do we interact with those characters, we learn more about them and find even deeper ties.Like the parent series, Murder Fir Christmas is a hearty book. It's filled with well developed, interesting characters, a finely paced mystery, a slow brewing romantic interest, and intrigue in many areas on many levels to keep readers engaged.

Murder Fir Christmas is just about the perfect gift. The Lavenes take a down to earth Federal agent dealing with arson and murder, yet add a touch of the magical blending Native American lore and a love and respect of animals to create a picture perfect mystery.

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