Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading A Fatal Twist by Tracy Weber. This book is the fourth book in the Downward Dog Mystery series and was released Sunday!

While training to be a doula, Kate witnesses an ugly scene involving a cheating doctor, his mistress, and a nurse. The ugly scene replays when Kate accompanies Rene and Sam to the opening of a new birthing center, where Rene will be giving birth. This time, however, the nurse in question isn't a co-worker, but his wife! Afterward, Kate nearly collides with the wife, who is also her yoga student, running from the employee break room. As Kate enters in an attempt to clean up after a culinary dispute between her friends, she discovers the murdered body of the philandering doctor.

Murder isn't the only mayhem in Kate's life, however. Michael has brought two rescued puppies into their household. Cute as anything, but just as rambunctious and destructive, the two are bent on wreaking havoc. Will Kate survive being involved in yet another murder as Michael attempts to be a puppy foster father?

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  1. Sounds delightfully complicated! Let us know how you like it :-) --kate