Friday, January 20, 2017

Review - A Fatal Twist


A FATAL TWIST by Tracy Weber
The Fourth Downward Dog Mystery

While training to be a doula, Kate witnesses an ugly scene involving a cheating doctor, his mistress, and a nurse. The ugly scene replays when Kate accompanies Rene and Sam to the opening of a new birthing center, where Rene will be giving birth. This time, however, the nurse in question isn't a co-worker, but his wife! Afterward, Kate nearly collides with said wife, who is also her yoga student, running from the employee break room. As Kate enters in an attempt to clean up after a culinary dispute between her friends, she discovers the murdered body of the philandering doctor.

Murder isn't the only mayhem in Kate's life, however. Michael has brought two rescued puppies into their household. Cute as anything, but just as rambunctious and destructive, the two are bent on wreaking havoc. Will Kate survive being involved in yet another murder as Michael attempts to be a puppy foster father?

Tracy Weber has once again delivered a smart, funny mystery with some down to earth realism. Animals are wonderful companions, but in reality, everything is not sunshine and roses. Issues evolve and hard, unhappy decisions must be faced. Tracy Weber does not shy away from these harsh realities while she also shines a light on the horror of backyard breeders.

I find the development of the characters fascinating, especially Tiffany and her relationship with Kate. While I would have happily called the police and had Tiffany hauled to jail in KARMA'S A KILLER, it seems Kate's actions may have been more appropriate. All of the characters are growing and I enjoy seeing the happy progression.

The mystery itself is complex with a dastardly victim and lots of suspects with plenty of motives. In addition to the murder, there is a second crime, which at first seems a totally separate issue, but eventually has readers wondering if they may be connected after all. The mystery, the characters, the humor, and the important dog and rescue knowledge imparted combine to make A FATAL TWIST a mystery not to be missed.


  1. Thank you so much for reading and writing such a thoughtful review of A FATAL TWIST. I'm delighted that you enjoyed it!