Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Award Time!

Are you a fan of award shows? Do you watch the Oscars, The Tony Awards, The Emmys? What about the Edgars, The Agathas, or the Anthonys? Have you even heard of those last three awards? Those are awards given to mystery and crime books and the people associated with them!

The Edgars are presented by the Mystery Writers of America  while the Agathas are presented at Malice Domestic, a conference for cozy mysteries and their authors. The Anthonys are given out at Bouchercon, a world mystery conference that "celebrates all things mystery".

Both the Edgars and Agathas were given out this past weekend while nominations for the Anthonys just ended. Those awards will be given at this year's conference in Toronto, Canada in October.

Does a book winning an award mean anything to you? Does it impact your decision to read or buy it?


  1. Not at all. I am not very big on awards to begin with.

  2. I'm pretty much the same. Though I'm thrilled when books I love get nominated and/or win!

  3. I don't pay any attention to awards, except to be pleased for authors I enjoy when they get nominated. It is very seldom that the books I love even get that far; the committees and I are looking for different things.