Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading The Final Vow by Amanda Flower. This is the third book in the Living History Museum Mystery series and will be released May 8th.

With the fear of losing funding for the museum and custody of her son, Kelsey Cambridge has to put a smile on her face and play nice with her ex-husband's bridezilla and the wedding planner from hell. While she has to attempt to appease the women, Kelsey will not risk safety at Barton Farm and adamantly denies putting lights in the church's steeple. Yet Jason comes rushing to Kelsey's door saying he saw lights in the steeple and, when he went to check it out, a dead woman's body on the ground. Who was attempting to string lights after hours in defiance of Kelsey's edict? Was it an accident? Or did the shadow in the window indicate murder?

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