Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading The Fiesta Burger Murder by Rosie A. Point. This book is the first in the Burger Bar Mystery series and was released yesterday!

An overzealous homicide detective in Boston, Christie Watson is on sabbatical and warned to keep out of trouble. So Christie, yes, her mother was a fan of detective fiction, has come back to her hometown of Sleepy Creek, Ohio. But trouble and investigating, are in Christie's blood. Her mother was murdered in Sleepy Creek and her killer never found. While staying with her good friend Grizzy, and waitressing in her burger joint Christie can't help but be drawn to solving her mother's murder. But before she even gets the chance a dead body shows up in their backyard; the body of a man who argued with both women. Will Christie be able to leave the investigating to the local detectives? Or will she prove to be overzealous and find herself in trouble once again?

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