Friday, July 14, 2017

Witch Chocolate Fudge - Review


The Second Bewitched by Chocolate Mystery

Caitlyn Le Fey is still somewhat amazed by the fact that she's an honest to goodness witch! Yet, she's unable to escape the everyday annoyances such as getting drenched by sudden rainstorms or being treated poorly by the mean women and girls of Tillyhenge. Even James Fitzroy's housekeeper, who has been with him for years, goes out of her way to be rude to Caitlyn. When the housekeeper winds up dead, Caitlyn becomes a prominent suspect. As preparations continue for the Summer Garden Party, Caitlyn works to prove her innocence, find the real culprit, help the Widow Mags, learn to hone her magical abilities, and find the perfect dress!

H.Y. Hanna once again serves up a delectable mystery. Caitlyn is a down to earth woman. She's slightly insecure, genuinely kind and helpful, and, while doing her best, gets into some outlandish situations. Readers can laugh and sigh, and totally relate. The humanity of Hanna's characters, even the nasty, horrible ones, shines through in every line.

The second Bewitched by chocolate mystery provides a well crafted mystery, lots of humour, and chocolate! Infused with wonderful characters inhabiting a charming location WITCH CHOCOLATE FUDGE satisfies.


  1. I loved the first book and the second sounds just as good.

    1. It's a great book and a great series!

  2. I have the first book of this series on my kindle and am looking forward to reading it. :)