Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading All Signs Point to Murder by Connie Di Marco. This book is the second in the Zodiac Mystery series and will be released August 8th.

Geneva Leary was there for Julia Bonatti when Julia's world came crashing down upon the death of her fiance. Now Julia is a bridesmaid at Geneva's wedding. The happy day is not quite so happy as the bride's youngest ne'er do well sister, Moira, disappears and misses the ceremony, only to be found passed out later. The wedding consultant collapses during the reception and angry words are spoken by more than one family member. Julia spends the night at the family home only to be woken by shots fired. Rob, Geneva's brother-in-law, has shot who he thought was an intruder, but actually is Moira. Did Moira truly shoot first? Was someone else in the garage? Julia strives to help as the family falls apart. Is the answer in the stars?

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