Thursday, October 26, 2017

Blackberry Burial - Review


The Second Berry Basket Mystery

Marlee Jacobs thought her life was settling down. Sure, she'd be busy for the 4th of July weekend, especially since alumni from the Blackberry Art School were flocking to town for the school's centennial, but it wouldn't be difficult and it would help push her store even more in the black. But a search for a location for Oriole Point's road rally leads to a grand adventure for a Great Dane puppy and the subsequent discovery of a human skeleton. The body turns out to be Sienna Katsaros, a young woman gone missing 20 years earlier from the school. Marlee's baker, an admitted admirer of Sienna, is distraught and Marlee vows to protect him when others infer his guilt. Surely he had nothing to do with Sienna's death, especially when Sienna's other classmates look much more culpable!

Memorable characters are the backbone of a good mystery and Sharon Farrow has filled her berry basket with them, from a likeable protagonist, who I hope will get smarter about her love life, zany friends, and lovable animals. We meet a lot of new characters in BLACKBERRY BURIAL, and they're all pretty rotten, nasty, and unlikeable, giving us a whole lot of people we hope can be guilty. We also meet a new, very likeable character in Captain Atticus Holt.

BLACKBERRY BURIAL is a mystery that gets increasingly more intense and dramatic. It starts whimsical, but although fun and humor are maintained, serious layers begin to develop creating heightened tension and suspense. Ultimately, Sharon Farrow produces a heart pounding, exciting race to the finish in her second Berry Basket Mystery.

Recipes Included.

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