Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Murder on the Toy Town Express - Review


The Second Vintage Toyshop Mystery

Liz McCall and her dad, Hank, hope to sell some of the vintage toys from their shop, Well Played, as they venture out to the East Aurora Train and Toy Show. But it's not all fun and games when Craig, the comic store owner who bullied Liz throughout school, takes a swan dive from the catwalk into the train exhibit! When Hank takes over as head of security for the event, Liz can't help but involved too. Was it an accident or murder? Is the mob really involved and did it have anything to do with Craig's big announcement?

Barbara Early brings plenty of nostalgia with her Vintage Toyshop Mysteries. Fortunately for me, it wasn't the bullying that brought me back, but rather the toys and their spot on descriptions. I still have my Which Witch? game (yes, the original) and its mention made me want to dig it out and play again! Reading about these toys brings back special times remembered with fondness.

Make no mistake, it's not just about the toys, there is a well plotted mystery as well. Rich characterization and subplots about Liz's family as well as her suitors add both complexity and meaning. MURDER ON THE TOY TOWN EXPRESS brings fresh life to old toys and games as Liz McCall hunts for the truth once again in picturesque Western New York.