Friday, March 30, 2018

Murder in Little Shendon - Review


The First Hazlitt/Brandon Murder Mystery

No one in Little Shendon much liked antique store proprietor Mr. Fynche, but his gruesomely violent death was shocking. Was this a robbery gone bad, something to do with Fynche's prior work with MI5, or something else altogether? At the request of Scotland Yard Sir Victor Hazlitt and the actor, Beresford Brandon, decide to come to the quiet village to see what they can uncover.

MURDER IN LITTLE SHENDON is a genteel novel, perfectly suited to be read in front of a cozy fire with a cup of tea and a dog by your feet and cat by your side. It's a traditional English village mystery, with investigators from London coming in to assist the locals. The characters, though not fully fleshed out, are interesting and most are quite charming. Aunt Augusta, with her exotic outfits and interest in astrology, is a delightful member of the cast, I only wish we got to see more of her.

The mystery itself is intriguing with lots of possible suspects. I enjoyed the way Hazlitt, Brandon, and Inspector Burgess divvied the suspects up and how how each differed in their interviewing and investigative techniques. Once a vital clue was discovered I knew the killer's identity immediately, but my enjoyment of the book continued.

MURDER IN LITTLE SHENDON is a pleasant traditional mystery set in a lovely English village and filled with engaging characters.

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