Sunday, March 18, 2018

Six Feet Under - Review


SIX FEET UNDER by Tonya Kappes
The Fourth Kenni Lowry Mystery

Kenni Lowry's mama done lost her mind! Sure Viv's head got a little swelled up when she won the cooking contest with her chicken pot pie, but now her face is swollen too! The big news is that a famous food critic is bringing his TV show to town and is debating featuring Ben's Diner and Viv's pot pie or a barbeque joint up in Clay's Ferry. Meanwhile Viv is acting odder and odder. A face that looks somewhat different, checking out the competition and causing a ruckus, and mighty shifty behavior make mama suspect number one when the critic is found dead...with a pot pie on his nightstand! Sheriff Kenni Lowry may be forced to take a backseat in the investigation, but with the help of her deputy and the ghost of her Poppa, she'll prove her mama innocent.

Poppa is back and that means murder! The murder hits much closer to home in the fourth Kenni Lowry Mystery, not with the victim, but with the prime suspect! The evidence points directly to Kenni's mama and Kenni finds herself with a bit of a moral dilemma. Love and the desire to protect your loved ones whatever the cost compete with honor, duty, and responsibility.

We see a more human Kenni in SIX FEET UNDER. One with more foibles, but one also finding enjoyment outside of her job as Sheriff. I am delighted to see the relationship between Kenni and Finn grow, even as more conflicts erupt. Of course, I always enjoy reading about Duke and Poppa and love their interactions as well.

SIX FEET UNDER is a wonderful mystery that explores the themes of love and duty with a humorous Southern flair.


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