Friday, May 25, 2018

Cobra Clutch - Review


The First "Hammerhead" Jed Mystery

Jed Ounstead walked away from the world of professional wrestling, but gets a blast from his past when his former tag team partner comes to him asking for help. Someone has kidnapped Johnny Mamba's beloved pet snake, Ginger. With no chance of Johnny taking no for an answer, Jed reluctantly agrees to help despite not being a PI, although he does run errands for his PI father. Now "Hammerhead" Jed is forced to go back into the world he left behind. With his innate ability to piss people off along with his determination to help Johnny, Jed soon has a sleazy promoter and a biker gang gunning for him. He does have a former member of the IRA along with his dad's protegee on his side, but will that be enough? Will Jed live to enjoy another banana milkshake?

I readily admit that I am not a fan of wrestling, professional or otherwise, but that didn't matter. I knew after reading the first page that I would enjoy this book...and I did! Fast paced witty dialogue, off beat humor, and plenty of action pump up this debut mystery. After reading this book I'm even open to watching some professional wrestling matches.

Author A.J. Devlin doesn't shy away from the seamy side of wrestling, or Vancouver, but he balances the violence and sordid nature of this world by creating characters with heart. His use of raucous humor also lightens the novel and had me grinning and laughing out loud.

COBRA CLUTCH is a fast paced, action packed mystery with grit, heart, and plenty of humor. I give fair warning though. After you read it you'll be craving banana milkshakes! Now where's the nearest Dairy Queen?


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For more information about A.J. Devlin and COBRA CLUTCH, check out the following links:

The book is available now in Canadian bookstores and online at and However, the US release has been delayed. But in the meantime US residents can still purchase the book directly from the publisher at

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