Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cozy Up With Kathy's Scavenger Hunt

I'm always looking for new and different way to promote books and their authors. I love for things to be interactive and fun and so I came up with an idea. Why not have a scavenger hunt? It would have to be a modified version of a hunt, but why not?

The Cozy Up With Kathy Scavenger Hunt requires participants to take photos which meet certain specifications. Each photo that successfully meets the criteria will earn the reader one credit. Readers can earn up to 10 credits, but it only takes one to win!

The Scavenger Hunt is open to people world wide! One winner will receive the Grand Prize prize: a book costing $8 US or less from either Amazon or the Book Depository.  There will be two runner up prizes as well for people with US addresses. These will be swag bags.

I have set up 10 tasks for readers to complete, taking a photo of themselves, or a token that represents them, with a book and an item that represents that book! I decided to ask for a photo of the person or token so that people wouldn't just grab photos off the web, but actually have the items in hand. I'd love for you to play along!

Here is the basic description, along with the rules:

It's a Scavenger Hunt! Now, since we're online, things are a little different. You'll need a camera (or some device that can take a photo), some books (e-books are fine), some items relating to mystery books, and some creativity. I'm going to list "10 things". You will need to photograph YOURSELF or a token that represents you with the mystery book and its related item. No pulling pics off the internet, you must take them (or someone takes them for you). When finished send 1 e-mail with all the photos with descriptions to me at cozyupwithkathy @

1. A photo of yourself (or token) with the book you're currently reading. This is the only book that does NOT have to be a mystery/thriller.
2. Do you live in a location where a mystery is set? Take a photo of yourself or the same token, something indicating your location, and the book set there.
3. A picture of you or the same token, something indicative of a culinary mystery, and the book to which it relates.
4. A picture of you or the same token with something paranormal and said paranormal mystery.
5. You or the same token participating in a craft, game, or hobby, and the corresponding mystery book.
6. You or the same token with an animal and a mystery that features that type of animal.
7. You or the same token with some sort of holiday accoutrements and a mystery set during that holiday (or a mystery that features that holiday).
8. You or the same token with a beverage and the mystery that features that beverage.
9. You or the same token with a book from your favorite mystery series or by your favorite mystery author and something that relates to that book or author.
10. Choose a book I featured on my blog during March or April 2018. Take a picture of yourself or the same token, that book, and something that relates to it.

You will receive one entry for each photo that meets the requirements. However, they must all be sent at the same time! One e-mail only. One winner will be selected to win a book costing $8 or less from Amazon (US) or the Book Depository (Worldwide). Two runners up with US addresses will receive swag envelopes. Entries must be received by 11:59pm EDT Thursday May 31, 2018. Not responsible for misdirected e-mail.

I have also created a Facebook Event Page where people may post their photos throughout the event. Just remember, posting them here doesn't count as an entry, but rather it's a way to share in the fun! 

I hope you'll consider joining in the fun!