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Witch Hunt - A Review & Giveaway


WITCH HUNT by Cate Conte
The First Full Moon Mystery

Violet Mooney has had one heck of a day. She gets verbally assaulted by a local councilwoman while getting her morning coffee, she loses her favorite new scarf, her friend and mentor discovers a strange odor at the Full Moon and cancels all of Violet's appointments and closes the shop. After a quick errand there's nothing for it but to go home, take a nap, and hope all will be better when she wakes. That's not to be the case as she's woken up by two police officers with even more alarming news. The councilwoman has been murdered, Violet's scarf was at the scene, and everyone heard their very public heated argument. If being questioned about murder wasn't bad enough, the person who comes to meet her at the police station isn't her boyfriend, but rather the mother who left her 27 years ago. The mother who claims she's a witch...and tells Violet that she is too. Violet now has to come to terms with her unexpected heritage while making sure she's not arrested for murder.

WITCH HUNT opens up a new paranormal world and I absolutely love it! I was so thrilled when I discovered the book featured a crystal shop, and even more so when I discovered that the author wasn't just trying to fill a niche, but actually knows about crystals and their metaphysical properties. Despite being surrounded by healing crystals, Violet has entered a surreal world where things are not going at all well. I really appreciate that those nearest and dearest to her are acting remarkedly suspicious. Her entire world is in upheaval and the fact that no one is as they seem is a perfect manifestation of it. I love Fiona and Zoe. I'm curious to learn more about Xander. And I really want some of those fries. I'm also very suspicious of another character, who, for spoiler purposes shall remain nameless. I think there's a lot more going on there and this person may well be a part of the family that wants to challenge the Witches Council.

WITCH HUNT is a fun new paranormal mystery. Engaging characters with lots of secrets add spice while what looks to be a long running subplot has me eager to see what happens next as Violet takes her place in this new world.


Witch Hunt (A Full Moon Mystery) by Cate Conte

About Witch Hunt

Cozy Mystery 1st in Series  
Publisher: Kensington (June 30, 2020)  
Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
Murder isn’t always crystal-clear . . . especially when the prime suspect discovers she’s a witch.
Violet Mooney owns The Full Moon crystal shop in quaint North Harbor, Connecticut. Still grieving her beloved grandmother’s recent unexpected death, she takes comfort in her fat orange cat Monty and her work. Not everyone in town is thrilled with her business, however. When disagreeable town councilwoman Carla Fernandez picks a fight over Violet’s "voodoo shop," the two have a very public confrontation. Of course, when Carla turns up dead, Violet gets little sympathy from the police as suspect #1.
But the shock of two policemen showing up at her door pales in comparison to the sudden appearance of her estranged mother Fiona and a surprise sister, Zoe. What Fiona reveals will rock her world and her sense of self—and reawaken her long-dormant mysterious power. Good thing. She’s gonna need it . . .

About Cate Conte

Cate Conte is the alter ego of Liz Mugavero. Liz is the author of the Pawsitively Organic Mystery series from Kensington Books, the first of which was an Agatha nominee for Best First Novel. Cate is the author of the new Full Moon Mysteries for Kensington and writes the Cat Cafe Mystery series for Minotaur Books. As you can imagine, her canine and feline rescues demand the best organic food and treats around. She is a member of Sisters in Crime National, Sisters in Crime New England, Mystery Writers of America, and the Cat Writers’ Association. She currently lives in Connecticut.

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  1. I love paranormal cozies, and this sounds like a fun one.

  2. Sounds like this one will be exciting & funny! Violet's had a terrible, horrible, no good day... and it doesn't look like the next day's any better!

  3. I can't wait to read a print copy and review so glad that this is on tour! peggy clayton

  4. This is definitely on my TBR list! Great idea for a new series!